Boat Avenue

As Phuket slowly starts to become more modernized we are seeing a rise in what western cultures call strip malls or shopping plazas. These unique and well thought out plazas not only offer shopping and retail but also housing such as condos, supermarkets as well as a wide array of restaurants and dining establishments.

Villa Market @ Boat Avenue Phuket One of the most famous on the island is Boat Avenue located in Cherngtalay sub-district. Constantly growing and changing this fantastic collage of stores and restaurants offers an interesting and unique shopping experience.

Boat Avenue has changed a lot over the past few years. Starting out with only the B-mall boutique stores, a half-empty row of storefronts on the west side and a few cafes in the middle of the plot, its main focal point was the infamous import supermarket Villa Market.

As Laguna grew so did the interest in Boat Avenue, it now is home to some of the most popular and unique bars and restaurants in Cherngtalay, including CUT Bar and Grill, The Beer Box and several intriguing container box cafes.

There is also a "night market" held on the property every Friday night with live music, food stalls and rows of vendors peddling legos, shoes, purses, handicrafts and more.