Pansea Beach, like most of Phuket Island’s beaches, has rocks at either end and a big sandy spot in the middle. Pansea Beach is located just to the north of (next to) the lovely Surin Beach. These beaches are very similar, with Pansea Beach being the smaller of the two.

The Surin and the Amanpuri resorts are on the beach here at Pansea, and access is either through the wooded area (find your own path), swimming or snorkeling around the point from Surin Beach, or by taking a longtail boat from another nearby beach. One website said the staff from the Amanpuri will chase you off the beach if you arrive by boat. We cannot verify that, but just be aware that they’re not going to be happy about your boat pulling up. All Thailand beaches are by law public access, so, if you wanted to cause a scene about it and file a complaint, you could. There are plenty of other beaches in Phuket to visit, like Surin beach next to it – so, maybe your best solution is to say mai pen rai (no matter), and let it rest like Thais usually do.

The Surin resort on the south end of the Pansea beach gets even better ratings on Google business reviews, so you might try there and save some money. You’ll enjoy the same beach and save over half off the cost of the Amanpuri.

Pansea beach, like Surin Beach, has nice deep, soft sand, and plenty of trees to relax under. Chairs with umbrellas and restroom and shower facilities are of course available for guests.