Rafting Phang Nga: 

White Water Rafting Phang Nga is an additional adventure besides rock climbing on the limestone of Krabi, facing the “hazards” of a swim in the calm sea around the island of Phuket 🙂 relaxing on Phi Phi island, dancing the night away in Koh Phangan and surviving the full moon party or going on an elephant trek safari, and so on…
The so-called white water rafting is a recreational sport or outdoor activity shared by hundred of thousand outdoor fans in Thailand every year since it was first discovered years ago.

Our trip:
Once we arrived at the Son Preak Rafting station, about 30 minutes from the city of Phang Nga, we were divided into groups of four and provided with life vests and helmets while the guides gave us all the safety instructions. From the station, we then got ushered onto a pickup truck which brought us to the actual point where the dinghies were launched into the river with us on board. They were then steered skillfully by our guides in between the rocks and other obstacles along the river while making sure that everybody on board got their fair share of “accidental” splashes of water, once the joyful competition between the “captains of the dinghies” was in full swing. After a very “short felt” 45 or so minutes we arrived in shallow water, disembarked the dinghies and got chauffeured back into the camp where we had the chance to slip into something drier, for the one who thought about bringing a change of fresh clothes. Nonetheless this wet five kilometers ride was a real joy, thanks to the all year round tropical climate 😉

You can also enjoy this trendy kind of activity in the northern parts of Thailand: either on the Pai River or the Mae Tang River, both located close to Chiang Mai and described as rivers providing level I -V challenges for the white water rafting enthusiasts who are willing to be tossed around mildly (or not so mildly) in inflatable dinghies.