Tri Trang Beach 1 in Phuket, Thailand near Patong.

Tri Trang Beach 1, also known as Emerald Beach, is a small little beach 5 km from the centre of the famous buzzing Patong Beach. With a TUK TUK or your own choice of transportation, you will have to go towards the south end of Patong beach by driving the Soi Ratuthit 200 Pi road all the way down where you will have to turn right. Heading to the beach you will then have to turn left, cross a bridge, drive past the Amari Coral Beach Resort and keep on following the road winding up the hill. Coming down on the other side of this little hill make sure not to miss the sign on the right-hand side of the road where it says “Tri Trang Beach Resort”. A rather steep road will lead you to the parking lot from where you will get access to the beach. You can also choose to go by long-tail boat from Patong to Tri Trang Beach 1. Either way, you will be rewarded with a beautiful strip of beach.

Once there you will find a beachfront restaurant with a terrace offering Thai and international cuisine; if you fancy something more like a fine dining experience, you can always check out The Blue Mango Bar and Grill Restaurant which is located before the Merlin Beach Resort at the Absolute Twin Sands Resort.

Tri Trang Beach 1 is a very lovely quiet beach to spend a day on. To go into the water we recommend swimming shoes because of the coral debris. Occasionally you will find bride and groom having their pictures taken with the bride in white gown riding an elephant in the sea.

With another holiday day coming to an end, it is definitely a beautiful spot to pick and soak in the last beams of the sun before heading back to your place and planning the next night out.