On the northwest coast of Phuket, Trisara Beach is just south around the rocky point from Banana Beach. This beach is about 250 meters (273 yards) long and very rocky at both ends. There are rocks in the sand and under the water, and caution is advised when wading or swimming here.

Unless you’re staying at the Trisara Resort, which owns all the land behind the beach, you probably won’t be visiting this little beach. The law in Thailand states that anyone must be able to enjoy the beach – wherever it is. There is no private ownership of beaches in Thailand. However, this is another case where the hotel does not provide public access, and probably won’t be all that happy about you pulling up in a boat to their 5-star resort on the beach.

One reason you might come anyway is that Trisara Beach has some very rocky north and southern points, like many beaches on Phuket’s west coast. Rocky coast means snorkeling!

Trisara is surrounded by excellent snorkeling waters. If you hire a longtail boat and drive around the west coast looking for great spots, you should stop here and see what sorts of fish and other marine creatures you can find!

If you’re interested in staying in a world-class resort at Trisara Beach, the Trisara is your only option – but, it’s a fine one. This 5-star resort gets very good reviews on social media for comfort, cleanliness, and friendliness of staff. Each villa has their own pool, and there is a large lap pool for all guests down near the beach.