Those that have been here before know that Phuket is truly a tropical & culinary wonderland. With it’s stunning beaches, winding mountain roads and breathtaking views out over the Andaman Sea, our beautiful island is rich with delights for all the senses. While Phuket does tick almost all the boxes in ‘dreams come true’ it is lacking in one particular area, fine beach side dining. Although there are quite a few little local restaurants that offer dining on the beach there are only a handful of high end establishments such as White Box Restaurant & Bar that offer high end dining right on the waterfront.

Located on the rocky shores of Kalim Beach White Box Restaurant & Bar is quickly gaining popularity as one of Phuket’s hottest and most chic high society gathering point. This impressive three story white building offers the height of excellence in dining, drinks and after party experiences. Elegantly decorated with soft white furnishings, this exquisite restaurant boasts an expansive view of Phuket’s western coast where diners can take in the most magnificent views as the sun slowly sinks into the glistening turquoise of the Andaman. Their menu offers a unique blend of Mediterranean-Asian fusion refined by French sensibilities and expertly executed into a delectable selection of mouthwatering dishes.

Aside from their world class menu and stunning views White box Restaurant & Bar also offers its customers a unique and upscale place to enjoy exotic cocktails and sophisticated after parties. As the sun finally sets the atmosphere comes alive with a live DJ set as patrons sample the finest spirits, wines and aperitifs while drifting away to pounding baselines and up beat tempos. With all that the White Box has to offer it’s no wonder it is quickly becoming Phuket’s most sought after entertainment and dining experience. After all who could resist the allure of upscale dining and extravagant parties right on the beach!