Yanui Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Yanui Beach is a beautiful small beach on the island of Phuket.

A wild guess: You have been to the famous Cape Promthep and the “no less” famous Windmill Viewpoint, but never to Yanui Beach! Maybe you will be tempted to go there the next time you’re around, once you’ve watched the aerial video we made!
Yanui Beach is a charming little cove good for fishing, snorkelling, kayaking or just doing nothing. The sand on this beach has a very soft quality to it; so much as one can enjoy walking barefoot along this nice 300 meters stretch of little paradise while picking up a shell or two as keepsake.

To keep your hunger away and satisfy your appetite on a hot sunny day, the Yanui Restaurant, opposite the beach, has a very good selection of Thai and western food as well as a good variety of drinks from water to fresh coconuts and cocktails to ice-cold Tiger or Chang beer. Don’t forget, while crossing the street, to look “RIGHT & LEFT”… you are in Thailand :). There is also another restaurant close by; and you can always cater for yourself from the vendors passing through with fruits and snacks. There are quite a few shops and restaurants 500 meters down the road towards Rawai.

Yanui Beach is a rock surrounded bay with the island Koh Keyao Noi 700 meters out into the sea; in the middle of the beach, there is also a small cape extending into the sea to be conquered. Be careful as wet rocks turn out to be quite slippery! So besides beach towels, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, a book, I-Pad, Kindle or any other devices, beach shoes are one of the things to bring to Yanui Beach.
In high season yachts moor just off the coast. You can also visit the close by Nai Harn Beach by paddling with a kayak.